What to Expect

What to expect.

As a Paediatric Occupational Therapist I work closely with children and their families in their homes, schools and other relevant environments to the child/family. I work closely with educational staff, health care providers and other agencies that are supporting the child/family/whanau. I believe every person is unique with their own set of strength and challenges and an individualised programme implemented within their family/community will enable and assist your child to reach their maximum potential.


What will happen?

  •  Initial Visit with family to discuss your child’s needs 
  • Parent Questionnaires, /Developmental History/Pre-school school as appropriate. 
  • Clinical observations Home/Pre-school/School 
  • Formalised assessment 
  • Report

In consultation with family formulation of an individualised therapy plan for you and your child; which may be in conjunction with preschools, school and other agencies such as speech language therapy, physio therapy.



We are happy to receive referrals: from individuals, families, General Practitioners, Specialist and preschools, schools and community organisations,

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