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Judith Middendorf Paediatric Occupational Therapist

About Judith 

Judith has lived and brought up her family in the unique area of Wakatipu area for over 20 years. Judith is passionate that all children fulfill their potential in all areas of their lives. 

Judith has specialised as an Occupational Therapist focusing on paediatrics, working with children in a range of settings, home, preschools, School and the community in the Wakatipu Area.

What is Occupational Therapy? 

Occupational Therapy is a service that assists people achieve independence in their activities of daily life or “occupations” A child's main job/occupation is their playing and learning an Occupational Therapist can evaluate a child's skills for playing, school performance and daily activities.  

A Paediatric Occupational Therapist use their expertise to help children gain the functional skills they need for play, learning, motor skills, self-care (eating, dressing, washing, toileting etc) and socialization in their homes, schools and communities. Enabling a child to participate as fully as is possible in activities of everyday life. (Such as home, community, preschool, school, high school) 

These are seen as a child’s main areas of occupation. Supporting the child accept and enabling them to achieve their maximum potential, directly or indirectly working on developing confidence, self-esteem, social skills and well-being.

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