Occupational Therapy Helping Children to Learn and Grow with Encouraging and Proactive Engagement Between Children and their Families
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What to expect…
  • What is Occupational Therapy?
    Occupational Therapy is a service that assists people achieve independence in their activities of daily life or “occupations”
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    Evaluation Milestones
  • What to Expect
    I work closely with children and their families in their homes, schools and other relevant environments to the child/family.
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    Health Care Providers Educational Staff
  • What Will Happen?
    Providing an initial visit to discuss your child's needs.
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    Assessments Reporting
Enabling a child to participate as fully as is possible in activities
of everyday life.
Sensory Motor Skill
Developing body coordination and systems balance
Fine Motor Movements
Focusing on hand skills involving small muscles of the body
to facilitate functions such as cutting, writing and personal care tasks.
Your Occupational Therapist will provide an evaluation
your child's skills for playing, school performance and daily activities.
Self Care
Preparing children to independently eat, dress, wash and toilet.
Working with children to develop specific handwriting skills where
they show areas of difficulty such as poor pencil grasp or letter and
number reversal.
Professionally supporting your child to accept and enabling
them to achieve their maximum potential.

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